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modern-jiveModern Jive  (a form of which is trademarked in the UK as “Ceroc” by Ceroc Enterprises),  is a stylish, addictive and wildly popular dance form that has taken England, Australia and New Zealand by storm in the past few years.  Modern Jive  includes elements of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Swing, and Salsa; however is easier to learn than any of these.

Now you can try Modern Jive right here in Toronto! Nicky Heatherington, founder of Jive Nation Toronto, has been teaching University of Toronto students the elements of this dance for the last year, and now brings classes to the rest of Toronto.

“The Modern Jive dance market in Canada is underserved,” says Nicky. “Our goal is to fill the gap by making this stylish, exhilarating and addictive dance available to Toronto’s great dance scene.”

What Exactly is Modern Jive?

Modern Jive originated in France and was introduced to the UK in the 1980’s, really gaining momentum in the 1990’s. Dancers dance to a wide range of music from 1940’s Swing, right up to current, Top 40 charts, and everything in-between.  The following is a demonstration of some freestyle Modern Jive by Nicky and her partner:

Modern Jive quickly became known as the easiest partner dance to learn as well as one of the most fun. In fact  most people can pick up a few moves even after their first evening. “It’s not unusual for people who’ve never danced before to be dancing after their first night – and go on to become confident dancers in about 6 weeks,” says Nicky who danced Modern Jive three times a week in her hometown of London, England.  “And their excitement and confidence in their new-found skill is infectious.”

“Many dance classes focus on where to put your feet,” says Nicky. “New dancers often worry about their feet and where to put them. They get discouraged if they don’t make progress quickly. Rather than fixate on how to move your feet Modern Jive classes focus on learning basic moves. Classes are aimed at people with little or no dance experience, making it very easy to learn and lots of fun.”

Partner dancing is great way to meet people, expand your social circle, exercise and unwind from the stresses of the day.  If your inexperience or  time commitment constraints have been holding you back from participating in this beneficial activity,  then Modern Jive is definitely something to consider.

Jive Nation Toronto is running Modern Jive classes every Wednesday in the Annex at the Walmer Centre, 188 Lowther Avenue, near Spadina and Bloor. A 6-week class pass is $76 and walk-ins are $15.  For more details and to book on-line go to:

University of Toronto students will also enjoy

If you think you have two left feet but have always dreamed of gracing the dance floor, perhaps it’s time you joined the Modern Jive dance craze!