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Festival of Dance University of Toronto

The students at the University of Toronto pursuing careers in various academic disciplines are remarkably talented.  Their need to balance their workload of essays and formulas with physical expression has evolved over the last 12 years into Canada’s largest University dance festival, the UofT Festival of Dance (FoD).

Over 200 dancers now perform each year during the Festival, representing a wide array of dance genres including Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom, Modern,  Hip Hop, Middle Eastern and Bollywood.

The University of Toronto has no dance program; perhaps it’s time to start one!

Festival of Dance Videos

Tango/Bellydance fusion rehearsal: The video takes a few seconds to start but well worth the wait!

Salsa rehearsal: The group below is composed of 80% engineering students dancing a routine they came up with in less than 10 practices.

Tickets to the Festival of Dance at UofT

This year’s FoD will be running on the evenings of Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26 at 7:30pm at the Hart House Theatre.   Tickets are $12 adult and $10 student & senior.

You can also purchase tickets at Hart House Theatre.

UofT Festival of Dance Schedule 2011

Friday, March 25

  1. All Right Now – Varsity Blues Pom Team
  2. Contemporary Salsa – OLAS Dance Dream
  3. Don’t Speak, Don’t Leave – Vic Dance
  4. Ella Me Levanto – Independent
  5. Victorian Vigilante – Steam Fusion – Dragonfly Bellydance Student Troupe
  6. Sing, Sing, Sing – Silhouettes Dance Company
  7. Imogen – Urban Ballerina
  8. Do You Only Wanna Dance – Independent
  9. Yalla! – OLAS Dance Team
  10. On the Nature of Daylight – In the Upper Room


  1. Ready to Rock – Varsity Blues Pom Team
  2. Corazoncito – OLAS Dance Team
  3. These Arms – Silhouettes Dance Co.
  4. Aziza – Oriental Veil Entrance – Dragonfly Bellydance Student Troupe
  5. Tribute to Canon in D – Independent
  6. Bollywood Mix – Independent
  7. Smooth Criminal – Independent
  8. M.Y. Luxury – M.Y.Soul
  9. Pandora’s Jack in the Box – Vic Dance
  10. Dirty Mind – Varsity Blues Dance Team

Saturday, March 26

  1. More Money More Problems – Culture Shock Toronto
  2. Asas – Arabesque Earth Shakers
  3. Slip Jig – Greenfire Academy/Celtic Dance Centre
  4. Dance with Pakistan – Independent
  5. Reggaeton – UTDC
  6. Indian Jugalbandi – Independent
  7. Eastern European Dance – Russian Association Dance Ensemble
  8. Bollywood Folk Style Medley – University of Toronto Dance Club
  9. Love Triangle, Act 1: Boys and Girls – UT Fo’Real HipHop


  1. Love Triangle, Act 2: Decisions – UT Fo’Real HipHop
  2. Four Hand Reel – Greenfire Academy of Irish Dance
  3. Mohiniyattam – Independent
  4. Latin Funk – Independent
  5. Enta Eih – Arabesque Allspice
  6. Sexy Hop – UTDC
  7. Bollywood Classical – Romilla’s Indian Bollywood
  8. The Sea – Ismailova Theatre of Dance
  9. The Three Sea Captains – Greenfire Academy of Irish Dance
  10. A Thoroughly Modern Skule Nite – Skule Nite

Festival of Dance Location

The Festival runs at Hart House Theatre located at 7 Hart House Circle on the University of Toronto downtown campus.

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